Oral Health

All of us at Raum Family Dentistry believe great dental care is important to maintaining healthy teeth, gums and tongue. Oral problems, including bad breath, dry mouth, canker or cold sores, TMD, and tooth decay are all treatable with proper diagnosis and care.

Benefits of a Dental Cleaning and Exams

  • Most insurance companies will pay 100% of your dental cleaning, exam, and any x-rays you may need. If you are unsure as of whether yours will cover your cleaning or not, please feel free to ask and we will check for you.

  • Some may think that because their overall health is okay, that a dental exam is not necessary. Actually, your oral health is intertwined with your overall health. Choosing to neglect your teeth and gums comes with a price! Not only do problems become more extensive and expensive, you may be putting yourself at risk for more serious problems. Gum disease, heart disease, and other problems can arise from not have good oral hygiene. Having a cleaning can also detect serious issues such as oral cancers that can be life threatening.

  • At your dental cleaning your dental hygienist will take bitewing x-rays (detects cavities in between your teeth that can be difficult for your dentist to detect). Occasionally, we will take a panoral x-ray which is necessary if your having your wisdom teeth extracted, a denture or partial made, or for many other reasons. A panoral x-ray is helpful in detecting abnormalities in your sinus, jaw, and surrounding areas such as tumors, cysts, or deterioration of your bones. Your hygienist will remove all plaque and tarter, polish your teeth to remove stains and plaque, and the doctor will exam and give you a treatment plan of any needed restorations. At this time you can choose to have a fluoride treatment. Although it’s not necessary, we highly recommend it.

  • Fluoride is useful in preventing cavities and making your teeth stronger.

  • Prevention and Early Detection is the cornerstone of our practice. We hope that we have exceeded your expectations and were able to answer any questions you had. We are looking forward to establishing a long-term relationship with you and helping you maintain optimum oral health.