First Visit

Your First Visit To Raum Family Dentistry

We see all patients the first time for a Comprehensive Exam, XRays and Cleaning.  At this initial appointment, we will evaluate the condition of your gums, teeth, bone, and soft tissues.  We will look for evidence of Periodontal Disease (gum disease), decay, infection, oral cancer, and developmental abnormalities.  Why a Cleaning first?  Dental problems can be detected 2 ways - visually and by Xrays.  If you have buildup or stains on our teeth, then Dr. Raum and Dr. Shadix cannot visually see the surfaces of your teeth.  Calculus can actually hold teeth in place for a period of time, all the while eating away at the bone surrounding your teeth and making it all the more likely you will lose that tooth.  All of this must be removed to do a proper evaluation of your oral health and to give you all of your options.

At your Examination appointments, Dr Raum and Dr Shadix will give you all of your options to address any dental problems you have, including the least expensive "get you by" option to the ideal option to restore beauty and function.  A procedure will never be performed without your permission or understanding of the cost involved.  And we go out of our way to interpret your insurance contract and to alert you to clauses in your plan that might affect your coverage, such as Missing Tooth clauses or Waiting Periods.

Depending on the condition of your tooth, your health risk factors, and complexity of the procedure needed to address your problem, we may refer you to a dental Specialist, such as an Oral Surgeon (extractions, implant placement, bone modification in preparation of denture), Endodontist (Root Canals), Periodontist (gum disease treatment), or Pediatic Dentist.  Our Doctors are trained in every dental  procedure - it is not that they CAN'T do the procedure .  It is that they want you to have the absolute best outcome from treatment and sometimes a Specialist is better equipped or trained to do that specific procedure.  Dental Specialsists are just like Medical Specialists - you wouldn't have heart valve replacement performed by your Family Internist.